MissDemented Wig Review

for this wig "Death By Chocolate"

Red hair has been my thing for several months and I'm missing dark hair. I am aware she buys these and modifies them. Anyways, this was supposed to be a birthday present and ordered it back in May. Original price $90+ and her sales vary from $70-$60. Yes, this was made to order + came in 6 weeks.

I messaged her asking her if it's super shiny because I've worn human & synthetic wigs before. I'm not wearing this to a party, but for outings. Said it's not because it's "in the sun" and is as picture shows.

It came in an envelope. Of course, it's quite shiny in the sun but otherwise it's not. Sweeeet, baby powder. It's convincing not only to drunks, but to sober people! WHICH IS CRAZY btw. Super long but nowhere as thick as my own hair, or as picture shows.

I took great care of the wig and put it on a stryofoam head away from everything ...somehow the hook underneath broke. I'm not even strong enough to break it with my hands, that's not cool. Length was noticeably uneven and had to cut it myself.


Bangs: "can be parted to the left or the right."

Not true at all unfortunately


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