Second post!

I haven't really touched color lately. maybe lipgloss! xD
going for those light pinks for some reason.

also, yay for having good skin days :D

I've been using Proactiv everyday now and my skin doesn't flare up as usual.

i really like my camera though! XD it doesn't pick up on every flaw

I won't have money for a month so may just get a fringe done by a friend. What's holding me back?! 8D A phone! I only had 2-3 cheapo phones back in highschool. Some people laughed in my face because it's so basic and you barely get 2 texts per minute you buy.

I'm not sure which plan to buy because I'll be paying for two phones. Save $20 maybe ?

I decided to draft most of my posts to "start over"
I really don't like my pictures :x


Tamara said...

Hmm... so you're talking about prepaid phones? Can't you just get a subscription for it? :o
I'm pretty sure that would be so much cheaper.

Btw I really like your face with tiny eyebrows! And your skin REALLY cleaned up, congrats!!

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